Authenticity is one of the core values of this company’s philosophy. All articles are 100% made in Italy using Italian semi-finished products and natural, first choice materials. All designs are exclusive to the company and the craftsmanship is typical of the Italian tradition. In order to prevent counterfeiting, all items include a card and metal tag stamped with “L’Originale Made in Italy” that guarantee their origin and high quality, and allow easy and certain identification at any time.

L’Originale Srl is registered commercially with the organization of Italian Manufacturers (registration n. 568.111.M) and has been certified by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers as having met the requirements of the IT01 system 100% CERTIFIED MADE IN ITALY.

Each article also comes with a guarantee in the form of a holographic logo as well as a serial number which can be used, through a research system, to track and verify the true origin of the product.