Handmade in Italy

Handmade, which by definition means crafted by hand, is the right adjective to describe this company’s products. All products are wholly and exclusively made by hand in the company’s Sesto Fiorentino workshop where the entire manufacturing process takes place, from a product’s initial design, to its first model, to actual production. The skilled and expert craftsmen who work with the company still follow ancient techniques and utilize valuable, high-quality materials that are hand-picked and selected one by one.

To the brass French sand casting and bronze sculpture fusions made using ancient techniques of lost wax casting, we add Murano glass, Carrara marble, hand-cut crystals and semi-precious stones such as “Malachite,” “Lapis Lazuli,” “Amethyst,” and “Tiger’s Eye.” Working exclusively by hand renders every single product different from the others, and attributes that uniqueness which definitely represents the true added value of handmade craftsmanship.